Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4TDCI (Mk6.5): Engine / Performance:


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We’ve gone for the basic 1.4 diesel. It’s from Peugeot; it’s fairly smooth and doesn’t suffer from the usual high end clatter – just don’t expect many fireworks. We thought the equivalent sized petrol engine wouldn’t be much better either and we’d at least have extra torque in this variant.

The car isn’t quick, and you will have to anticipate gaps but you’ll know how to adapt to get what you want out of it. That torque figure means that pick–up is perfectly acceptable low down – so it’s fine as a town car. It’ll happily cruise on the motorway all day long – so its fine in that environment too. However any roll-on performance in between is the most noticeable aspect! It runs out of puff quite quickly and makes quite a racket so it’s best to just accept you’ll be pedestrian, and be casual – or maybe introduce praying whenever you try being brisk.

Top Gear Series 14 Ep4
Top Gear Series 14 Ep4

The engine predictably struggles the more loaded it gets though. With 4 people on board and their camping gear for Glastonbury as mentioned earlier, there was a noticeable drop in what was already ‘adequate’ performance; especially when any inclines were introduced into the journey! Braking was just as important an issue too (although probably less specific to this engine variant); one of those heart-in-mouth moments when an emergency stop was required in the outer lane of the M5 and it seemed to an age for them to bite!

55mpg was easily achievable, and that figure didn’t really change; it just got on with sipping fuel!

Spec: Zetec Climate 2007MY
Engine: 1.4 TDCI, 67bhp (@ 4000), 118lb ft (@ 2000)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 62.8mpg Achieved: 55mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 15.5 Secs, 101mph
Colour: Black
Running Period: Spring- Summer 2007, 9000 Miles
Options: 16” 7 Spoke Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth/Voice Control, ESP, 
Reflex Pack (side/curtain airbags & centre head restraint), Perimeter alarm, 
Privacy glass, Rear parking sensors, Technology Pack (auto-lights/wipers, 
stereo remote controls, folding door mirrors & second remote key).

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