Discovery 3 XS 2.7 TDV6: Faults / Injuries

Punctured Rear Tyre

The only injury our Disco 3 succumbed to was from driving over a screw on the road. To our surprise, this went unnoticed for longer than it should have as the air suspension had automatically adjusted for the drop in height!

The spare wheel below the car requires a lot of turning to get it lowered to ground level, and at that point you then realise how heavy the bastard wheel is. Maybe a back brace should be part of the kit.

Luckily the screw had gone in through the mid section of the tyre and so was repaired by a simple plug.

Other than this, there was nothing else to report. The rear number plate light cluster just below the Land Rover badge is apparently prone to just dropping off, but we had no such problems.

Reliability seems to have improved otherwise but some gremlins have still been found. One of the causes is known to be by an ECU located badly at the rear of the car, oddly exposed to water!

Spec: XS 2007MY
Engine: 2.7 TDV6 Diesel, 188bhp, 328lb ft 
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto 
Mpg: Official: 27.7mpg Achieved: 26mpg 
Performance: 0-62mph: 12.7 Secs, 109mph 
Colour: Zermatt Silver 
Running Period: Spring - Autumn 2007, 10,000 Miles 
Options: None.

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