Ford Fiesta ST-2: Intro / Mods

“I couldn’t downsize back to a Fiesta again……”

It’s Bullshit.


This was the mentality I had when I got my last Focus…

But when Ford finally decided to drop the same 180bhp 1.6-litre Ecoboost engine into its smaller sibling for the Fiesta ST, that idea was far too good to pass up!

After a brief delay in the assembly plant with an alleged shortage of red brake calipers, the ST arrived after a 4 month wait.

It’s finally here!

Brad Pitt Burn after reading
Trying to contain the excitement…

I’ve gone straight for an ST-2 in Molten Orange with the Style Pack. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of an orange car so I just went for it; Spirit Blue is undoubtedly nice, but that’ll be the default colour of anyone else anyway and I do wish it was just that bit brighter. Plus, it doesn’t come with matching blue seats anyway!

Predictably, initial comments from those about the ST being tango’d or being called Amy Childs from Towie have led to a subsequent ban from them being in the car… Winning!


With this being my first hot hatch, my previous upbringing courtesy of others have been from the likes of a screaming Rover 25 GTi, and both Renault’s Clio 172 / 182.   As with most modern cars nowadays, this already feels less raw than any of those…. but the inability to contain a huge grin is still there!

This car already feels more than just a Zetec S with a bit more power….


  • Black Rear ST Badge
ST Badge
Only a minor change towards the ‘rump’.

The ST badge’s red – on – orange was enough to make me rethink to having a black one!
Stands out better in my opinion, bringing it in line with the window tints + diffuser.

  • Gloss Black Interior Door Handle Strips
ST Int door strips
  • Red Footwell Lights

I haven’t bothered with the overhead ones yet as I’ll think it’ll get a bit of an Amsterdam vibe!

  • Rear Decal.

ST Decal

A gift from work. Which takes off about 10bhp… and probably about an inch.


  • Gloss Black Foglight Surrounds, Rear Diffuser, Passenger Airbag Light Panel & Roof

Experimented with “Gloss” Black Plasti Dip on the foglight surrounds and it ended up being….

ST Plasti dip
…anything but gloss!
  • Mountune Upgrade (Planned for later years)
  • Mountune High Flow Induction Hose
  • LED Rear Light Cluster Upgrade (Planned for later years)

Spec: Fiesta ST-2
Engine: 1.6T Petrol, 197bhp, 214lb ft
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 47.9mpg Achieved: 39mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 6.9 Secs, 139mph
Colour: Molten Orange
Running Period: Summer 2013 - Autumn 2014, 17,500 Miles
Options: Cruise Control, 15" Spare Wheel, Rear Centre Head Restraint, Adjustable Boot Floor, Style Pack (Rado Grey Alloys, Red Brake Calipers, Illuminated Scuff Plates), Convenience Pack (Keyless Entry, Folding Door Mirrors & Puddle Lights), Auto-Lights/Wipers, Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror.

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