Range Rover Evoque Dynamic Lux 2.2SD4 ’13MY: Faults / Injuries

Squeaking damper@ 15,000 miles

The damper developed a squeak on the front driver’s side but luckily it only made itself heard when cold – typically below ~5C outside – so it was more prevalent in the mornings on start-up.   It did seem to disappear after warming up and didn’t seem more pronounced/apparent as the days grew colder.

Only larger bumps (such as speed bumps), seemed to trigger them so luckily it wasn’t a constant companion. We thought it was someone’s luggage at first as it sounded like leather rubbing on the plastic trim. IMG_20141130

Infra-red Headphone Transmitter @ 10,000 miles

The most noticeable bugbear of every journey: having worked itself loose, the headphone transmitter began to buzz constantly.   Plus, because it’s located just above head height you can’t really drown it out either – ever bought a video camera that rattles within its holder?   It’s like that, mixed with the crackle you get on LW/AM radio interference.

With the panoramic roof option, you can see why they may have struggled for room to place this, but placing something fairly weighty at this height wasn’t going to last.

Infrared Transmitter

Loose trim:

Various bits of trim starting to come loose, such as the centre speaker cover on the dash @ 5,000 miles, and the rear passenger door card @ 15,500 miles.


The bottom right corner of the speaker kept popping up (solved by brute force smacking in the end), and the rear door card decided to contribute something to the journey later on!

All these were checked when its first service was due @ 16000 miles.   The service desk were actually quite helpful and they did listen.   They also picked and returned the car from work!   Unfortunately the people who did the service managed to ‘forget’ to put the dustcaps back on after checking the tyre pressures….?

Nevertheless, their ‘resolutions’ were:

Damper – “That’ll require a new bush, but we’re backlogged so it’ll take a while to order in”.

Infra-red Headphone Transmitter: Fixed, but the Courtesy lights/Panaramic roof blind switch console in front is now buzzing instead (tactically placed blu-tack will have to do for now).

Door card: Fixed!

Spec: Dynamic Lux 5dr
Engine: 2.2SD4 Diesel, 187bhp, 309lb ft
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
Mpg: Official: 44.1mpg Achieved: 34 – 37.4mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 8.5 Secs, 121mph
Colour: Mauritius Blue
Running Period: Winter 2013 – Spring 2015, 17,500 Miles
Options: Privacy Glass, Premium Interior Pack (Powered Tailgate, Panoramic roof, 
825W Meridian Sound System - 16 speakers + Sub, 8” Dual View TV/Touch Screen + 
infrared headphone, auto-dimming rear view mirror, Surround Camera system, 
Blind Spot Monitoring, Keyless Entry, Park Assist, Climate Control, Heated Seats)

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