FirstDrive: Jaguar XFR – Driving / NVH

Engine / Performance
Driving / NVH

The chassis tuning on a standard XF is impressive in its own right while the Sportbrake is apparently even better balanced. And the XFR?

All in all I’d say the car’s been tuned up incrementally here, so luckily nothing’s been ruined by tuning it out of its capability.

Unsurprisingly the ride has firmed up a bit but we found this acceptable on a daily basis; it is the most noticeable aspect when you first drive off, but you just feel the occasional nudge without any accompanying noises being transmitted into the cabin as a side effect.

It does smooth out above 50mph or so though, and certainly anyone who got in without an interest in cars hadn’t noticed enough to make any complaints!

The rear of the body did creak a bit over speed bumps, but that was more due to this being a pretty tired pre-production model testing for the upcoming XFR-S.

The trade off in ride is more than made up in the corners though; body roll is well contained, grip levels are high, and slightly quicker steering brings an unexpected level of agility.

Didn’t have the balls to turn off the ESP though so no drifting occurred! But it was nice to discover it didn’t light up the rear tyres so readily in the dry as per everyone else on YouTube.

No space for this unfortunately…

Meanwhile inside the cabin; the 20” wheels generate a touch more tyre noise than normal and wind noise levels remain the same. It’s almost standard XF affair – perhaps a little too like the standard…

Unfortunately there is no supercharger whine anymore to accompany the V8! After receiving customer feedback they decided to eliminate this, and you can only hear it faintly on full throttle now. It’s a shame personally as I love that; it adds to the drama but then again, noise is subjective and my musical taste isn’t great.

Exhaust wise, it’s not as loud as I was expecting in all honesty. After reading reviews commenting on the sound that this car makes, I was expecting to hear all of it in the cabin. Especially judging by the black one that used to occasionally roar past my house as well. You don’t unfortunately. It’s definitely not like being in the XK, and the praise received is just relative for this sector. You certainly hear more of it from the outside, but it’s best enjoyed with the standard folding rear seats down (uncommon in saloons) inside – this might annoy the few passengers you’ve sacrificed in doing so, but at least they have the alternative of being in the car behind (if they can keep up), where they get front row seats to those quad pipes.

Spec: XFR
Engine: 5.0 Supercharged V8 Petrol, 503bhp, 461lb ft (2500-5500rpm)
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
Mpg: Official: 23.0mpg Achieved: 20-22mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 4.7 Secs, 160mph
Colour: Silver

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