Range Rover Evoque Dynamic Lux 2.2 SD4’14MY: Faults / Injuries

Nothing major went wrong over our 14 months, but we couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that minor niggles like these occurred on a car that’s been on sale for 3 years, costing over £40k.

Rattling rear seat:

The backrest on the rear passenger seat rattled away over any form of bump. It stopped if someone was sat in place, otherwise you’d try and put anything there as a form of weight to stop it rattling. This was fixed under its first service interval.

Range Rover Evoque folding rear seat
Range Rover Evoque folding rear seat rattling away…
Misaligned windscreen wiper

When the time came to wash the Evoque, the left-hand wiper revealed itself to be set slightly too low – right to the point where raising the arm perpendicularly wouldn’t clear the bonnet and scraped the paint from the edge clean off.
Range Rover Evoque wiper scrape

The wiper wasn’t massively off either  – you’d never tell looking from the inside – so the margin for error appears to be pretty small. Annoying, but worth keeping an eye out for.

Electronic ‘characteristics’

The car’s electronics occasionally have a mind of their own:

  • the parking sensors have had the occasional panic by flat-lining despite the absence of obstacles.
  • the brake pedal can’t be pressed when starting sometimes, as if it’s over-servo’d.
Range Rover Evoque start screen
Range Rover Evoque start screen
  • the car had more difficulty detecting the key this time round for the initial few months. Just pressing the unlock button within the car seemed to rectify this.
  • the bonnet needed a firmer hand in closing otherwise it was logged as ‘open’

Spec: Dynamic Lux 5dr 2014MY
Engine: 2.2 SD4 Diesel, 187bhp, 309lb ft
Transmission: 9-Speed Auto
Mpg: Official: 47.1mpg Achieved: 35 – 42mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 8.5 Secs, 121mph
Colour: Firenze Red
Running Period: Spring 2015 – Spring 2016, 15,500 Miles
Options: Privacy Glass, Premium Interior Pack (Powered Tailgate, Panoramic roof, 
825W Meridian Sound System - 16 speakers + Sub, 8” Dual View TV/Touch Screen + 
infrared headphone, auto-dimming rear view mirror, Surround Camera system, 
Blind Spot Monitoring, Keyless Entry, Park Assist, Climate Control, Heated Seats)

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