Volkswagen CC Black Editions – also available in white… | carwow

Volkswagen’s CC range expands with two extra Black Editions this month, even though they’re available in white. Confused?

Called the CC GT Black Edition and CC R-Line Black Edition, both are based on their existing GT and R-Line counterparts.

Each feature styling additions to enhance the exterior – chiefly black colour coding (door mirrors, window surrounds and radiator grille), and different alloy wheels – while leather seats and a sunroof feature in the cabin.

Two versions of the 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine will be available with either 150hp or 184hp. A six-speed manual comes as standard, although a six-speed automatic is available should you wish the CC to change gears for you.

You can find out the full details at the link below:

Source: Volkswagen CC Black Editions – why is one white? | carwow


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