Current Daily: Ford Focus ST-2 250PS

Temptation over; we’ve gone and got a Focus ST.

The First World Problem of:

Fiesta ST or Focus ST? is going to be well and truly solved…

After our road trip in Wales back in 2014, the Fiesta ST came out the victor that weekend.

But what about to live as a Daily? Will the merits of the Focus being the more rounded car in the first place edge it past our fond memories of the Fiesta ST? We’ll have to see.

Ever since the Electric orange, 5-pot predecessor was released, I’ve just had to have one of these as a hot-hatch. But as tempting as a used Mk2.5 would be nowadays (trust me, I still look), the Mk3 is appreciably more wallet friendly with its lower emissions, better fuel economy and improved dynamics thanks to less weight hanging over its nose – all for the expense of a single cylinder.

We’ve gone for a mid-spec ST-2 petrol in Tangerine Scream – if a yellow car is being offered, I’m taking it.

As tempting as a twin-clutch gearbox can be with the diesel, it wasn’t available to order for a few months until January ’16. The extra toys on the ST-3 wasn’t appealing enough for the extra outlay too, so we’ve gone for a select few options instead.

For now, it’s great to have something with a healthy amount of oomph again. Wringing out our last Fiesta Zetec S with half the cc’s  was fun, but I’ve missed being shoved into the seat.

Happily, the sound symposer works a bit better this time, responding well under throttle inputs and sounding a bit less artificial than before.

It’s also nice to be sat low down again but, as always, the gear lever and handbrake initially feel set too far back. That won’t take long to get used too – what I’m slightly more sceptical about though, is whether the larger 19″ wheels of this style pack is a size too far. I don’t remember the standard Focus ST ride being this knobbly.

Something’s not right with the steering either…

Spec: ST-2 2016
Engine: 2.0T Petrol, 247bhp (@ 6,000rpm), 254lb ft (265lb ft @ 1,750rpm overboost)
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 41.5 mpg Achieved: 30.64 – 33.1mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 6.5 Secs, 154mph
Colour: Tangerine Scream
Running Period: Spring 2016 – 
Options: ST Style Pack( 19" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels, Privacy Glass, 
Illuminated Scuff Plates, Red Brake Calipers), City Pack (Rear Parking Sensors, 
Folding Mirrors), SYNC2 DAB Navigation System, Cruise Control + Active Speed 

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