Screen cleaning: Peugeot tidies up the traditional cabin with i-Cockpit v2 | CAR Magazine


Remember Peugeot’s i-Cockpit? It’s the French firm’s skinny-steering-wheel, high-up-instrument combo ushered into 2012’s 208 supermini. It’s found its way into 2.2 million cars worldwide since and now they’ve shown a glimpse of what will replace it.

We’ll see the all-digital i-Cockpit v2.0 in the imminent 3008 replacement, ready to be unveiled in May 2016, followed by the next tranche of new Pugs. Think next-generation 5008, 208, 2008 and 308; though just be warned that facelifted models (like the 2008 spruce-up) will stick with the existing cabin architecture.

Peugeot i-Cockpit: the digital revolution

We’re pleased to see that future Peugeot cockpits are sticking with a minimalist approach. Few buttons clutter the dashboard and steering wheel – we counted just 15.

The steering wheel has been reshaped slightly with a flat top to try and address the obscured view of the high-up dials. The dash is now angled towards the driver, BMW-style, and the centre touchscreen is 8-inch in diameter with large logos and clear fonts dressed in a turquoise theme. The graphics are crisp and modern.

The raised instrument cluster incorporates a 12.3-inch screen and shows Peugeot’s take on Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. With an adaptive display, the animated dials can flip between conventional dials, a mix of instruments and sat-nav, or switch to fuller-screen views of mapping or lane assist on centre stage.

There’s also a Night Mode function (remember Saab’s night panel in the 9-3?), which cuts down all the info on the instrument cluster to a digital speedo bathed in dimmed lighting. Very Scando-chic.

Does it feel any good? You can find out the full details and list of incorporated features on the link below:

Source: Screen cleaning: Peugeot tidies up the traditional cabin with i-Cockpit v2 by CAR Magazine


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