Spotted: Silverstone – Renault World Series ’09

“Keep a weekend free in July, I’ve got a surprise lined up for you.”

This surprise turned out to be a ticket to Silverstone Circuit. Result!!

The annual World Series by Renault was held in July this year; I never knew such an event even existed, and as a bonus, this would be my first time at Silverstone.

Silverstone really is hidden away in the countryside of Northamptonshire; there literally is nothing else around this track! But camping in the fields surrounded by cars using their headlights to aid vision, and stereos for the soundtrack was an immense way to spend an outdoor weekend.

Ashamedly, a couple of us did start to drift off in the late afternoon during the races.

Ab Simpson

Watching it on TV is definitely better for sticking with the cars going around the track, whilst here we just had the cars go by every minute like a Snooze button.

Definitely not used to live Motorsport! But we blame the combination of the nice, warm sunny day and the sleep deprivation from partying… yeah, definitely the partying. (convinced?)

Time to make this a tradition…

On Track

Main circuit:

RWS '09 Track

Formula Renault 3.5 world series

Formula Renault 2.0

Clio Cup Race

Clio Cup
Clio Cup

Eurocup Megane Trophy

Renault F1 Team Laps

Renault F1 lap
Renault F1 lap

This year’s safety car

RWS '09 Safety car
Megane R26R

Off Track

Meanwhile, in the centre of the track amongst all the racing….

Renault Car (inc Renaultsport) & Van Displays

The complete Renault range was on show glistening in the sun.

Renaults ESPerience Passenger Lap

The queue was huge for this. Demonstrating how ESP doesn’t work in reverse!

For a full resolution print onto 6 x 4″ (£1) or 7 x 5″ (£1.20) photo, send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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