Spotted: Silverstone – Renault World Series ’10

We’re back at Silverstone!

After last year’s initiation to the World Series, we were more than happy to return. This year’s race was held in September though and despite the weather picking up for us, I’d never been so cold camping in my life!

Millhouse cold

Decided to drive and take the Fiesta this time round too. The torquey 1.6-litre diesel didn’t struggle with 3-up on board + gear, but the country lanes did show up the desire to want more power and revs – the performance was just too short-lived on the open road! The car handled beautifully though, and the looks and colour went down a treat with everyone when we arrived. The headlights were pretty good for setting up camp in the dark and the stereo was powerful enough to drown out the diesel engine whilst sat around the BBQ. USB / Aux connectivity saved from numerous CD changes too!

This years car park

Managed to stay awake though all the racing this year, and also got to top last years trip with a drive in a Twingo Renaultsport 133 Cup around Stow Circuit!

On Track:

Formula Renault 3.5 world series

RWS Formula 3.5

Formula Renault 2.0

RWS Formula 2.0

Eurocup Megane Trophy

RSW 10 Megane Cup

This year’s safety car updated

RWS 10 Safety
The new Megane

Off Track:

Renault Owners Club

Renault Lorry Display


For a full resolution print onto 6 x 4″ (£1) or 7 x 5″ (£1.20) photo, send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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