FirstDrive: Renault Twingo Renaultsport 133 Cup – Looks

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You’ll probably have noticed that the pictures don’t show much of a track – never mind Silverstone. I might have been too excited to remember I even had a camera… so these will have to do!

Nevertheless, the Twingo was always a quirky looking thing but it looked a bit like an anaemic Citroen C2 in shape.

Now, with a bigger deep front spoiler, side skirts, flared wheelarches and large alloys, the Twingo 133 looks like it finally reached the right dimensions.

Rear 3q
Ask for a Twingo, and you end up with this!*

The 60mm wider track does help it look proportionally right too, although doing that itself is a good effort just to sharpen up a stock Twingo.   You still get a rear wing and chrome tail pipe at the rear, but they’re both relatively subtle so it’s still tastefully done. The tailpipe does look pretty puny, but it would look worse if it was any bigger trying to scream out

“Look at meee, I wish I was a big bore 4!”.

The bright white on black colour scheme looked great. I never realised black wheels were even an option; they don’t look as chunky as the standard silver (or grey on the Cup Chassis option), but the car sits well and looks bang up to date. I’m still not sold on black detailing, but this came with matching black mirrors and rear spoiler to complete the look.

White-on-black colour scheme looked better than I would have expected*

Peek inside and it’s a bit more restrained. The bucket seats and orange seat belts are the main difference, there are aluminium pedals lower down and there’s a new face for the rev counter.

Renault Twingo
Remember the old Clio? The seating position will jog memories***

Otherwise it looks like a standard Twingo where it’s quite a sober place to be and not garish. You can liven it up by speccing extras but there’s not much going on in here.

Renault decided to go down the “personalise with accessories” route in the cabin so you can spec anything from an aluminium gearshift knob to a colour-coded key fob – all the things that add an extra 5hp each! I’m not sure what the ‘Stop’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Go’ pedal covers equate to though, but that might be a bit too much.

Twingo Sport Cup pedals*
Twingo Sport Cup pedals***

Spec: Twingo Renaultsport 133 Cup'10 
Engine: 1.6 4cyl Petrol, 133bhp (@ 6750rpm), 118lb ft (@ 4400rpm)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 43.5mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 8.7 Secs, 125mph
Colour: White

*Picture sourced from this ebay ad*
***Picture sourced from AutoTrader

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