First World Problems: The Wrath of the Jazz…

…Why! is there always a Honda Jazz to slow your journey down?!

I don’t know about you, but it’s something I’ve noticed become more common recently;

You’re coming up to that fun, windy stretch of road ahead; you’re about to down change, you can’t wait for that burst of acceleration…and then


 Ta da!

a Honda Jazz will pop up in front from somewhere and sloooow everything down.

It’s happened far too often now to be coincidence: Every time I’m either in a hurry, or reach a queue of slow moving traffic – it wont be a tractor/milk van/bus up front any more – it’ll be a Honda Jazz.

Slightly late for the work commute? Doris will be out getting her milk at 19mph.

They all seem to share the same commonalities too:

  • You can see the driver’s grey hair sprouting around the headrest.
  • They have a Vmax of 27mph
  • If you’re fortunate enough to overtake, you can see their walking stick resting atop the dashboard.

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