Spotted: Silverstone – Renault World Series ’11

Get the car cleaned, load it up with camping gear + bbq, update the iPod…

It’s that time of year again!

Silverstone hasn’t always been renowned for being the most visually appealing circuit, especially if you look at the modern Yas Marina in the Abu Dhabi desert! So we were quite excited to see what the updated track was like this year. The reconfiguration meant that the Start/Finish line and Pit lane was placed further south of the track just after Club corner, which was great for us spectators stood right up against the nearby fences!

It’s a shame you can’t see the pit garages at ground level but you can certainly hear what’s going on around them. The loud rumbling sound of the tyres and racing engine coming to a brief halt before speeding off again from pit stops is just awesome.

Its also nice that the Podium is in easy view at the very south of the angular £27m structure too. Money well spent!

Took the Fiesta again with me this time, albeit in petrol format. It was nice to wring out the power on the drive to/fro but the lack of torque was made apparent on the hills 😦 .
Last year’s white was decidedly cooler amongst the crowd, but I did have a Zetec owner ask at if my car was just standard and whether I’d put my own bodykit on. Brilliant!

This years car park

Stupidly left the front lights on too long though and ended up with a flat battery after 2 hours…


Luckily it spluttered back into life after leaving it alone until morning!

Our friend with his Clio 172 also came along this year – his aftermarket exhaust sounded no quieter in the open field of the camp-site! And with our tent pitched close to the passenger door, I’d never had a wake up call in such a fashion; whilst sleeping with your head on the ground, it really was like hell was surfacing from beneath us.

A little bit like this:

Unfortunately there were no signs of an event for 2012 though….

On Track:

Formula Renault 3.5

Renault F1 laps

RWS '11 F1
Romain Grosjean at the wheel!

Clio Cup Race

Eurocup Megane Trophy

Megane Renaultsport 250 Hot LapsRWS '11 Megane hotlap

Off Track:

For a full resolution print onto 6 x 4″ (£1) or 7 x 5″ (£1.20) photo, send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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