FirstDrive: Jaguar XKR 75 – Intro

Welcome to the XKR 75; the loudest car we’ve had so far.

It’s taken a while before we could get our hands on any XK, so what better intro than to get the limited edition version with a bit more power and a bit of chassis tuning. That almost makes up for the wait. The exhaust helps much more towards that though!

Luckily the ’75’ part of the name doesn’t depict the customer age Jaguar are aiming for. It’s more to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar and the 75 cars they’re building for it. If that sounds like a rare sight in itself, only 20 of those will be sold to UK Customers.

Time to introduce FWM’s “Wake and annoy the neighbours at 7am” test.

We’ve already had one neighbour across the road flagging us down while we drive past wondering “what on earth kind of race car have you brought back?”, followed by a genuine interest into what Jaguar were doing nowadays. Good press!




Drive / NVH:


On the Road:

Passing under a bridge:

Spec: XKR 75
Engine: 5.0 Supercharged V8 Petrol, 523bhp, 483lb ft (2500-5500rpm)
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
Mpg: Official: 23.0mpg Achieved: 16.9mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 4.4 Secs, 174mph
Colour: Stratus Grey

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