Spotted: Stratford Motoring Festival 2014

Just a handful of shots from this weekend’s festival down Stratford Upon Avon.

It was relieving to see quite a diverse range of cars here;
from Listers showing off their range of Toyota’s / Hondas, Classic cars through to the Modern day, and the select Supercar range including the typical token Maranello Red Ferrari attracting a crowd.

It was quite a casual and relaxed, open event where owners could just park up on the closed roads and people like us could have a nosey..

……or go selfie-tastic with their camera attached to a pole (I’ve never seen such a happy tourist taking hundreds of herself and the double yellow lines beneath her).

At certain times of the day, the owners could even do a “parade lap” in the form of a moving motor show.

Briefly sat in an orange Toyota GT86, the decals were pretty badly stuck on (nice and bubble-tastic) but the inside was pretty much covered in cheap and nasty plastics. I guess its less distracting for when you are drifting at ‘n’ degrees at your local roundabout (s) but it wasn’t somewhere I would want to spend a long motorway journey!

A handful of Classic Mustangs….

 …with a couple of modern day, modified ones.


A few lightweight roadsters including this VX220.IMG_20140505_121931_edit

Nice to see a Marcos make an appearance.


A couple of close ups of the Lamborghini Aventador:

Fair-play to the owner who just let the public queue for a sit in the drivers seat and happily take pictures for them (safe to say the queue got quite big!).

The owner was more than willing to entertain (and partially deafen) during the parade laps too!

Always a pleasure to see a Delorean;


– although this was having trouble containing itself whilst crawling through the parade lap.


Jaguar E-Type


And a casual White Tiger resting on a Discovery V8.


Parade Lap:

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