Spotted: BMW i3

Bear with me on this one; a completely unintentional, secondary BMW post this month – but  I ended up following one of these on the way into work this week:

The first i3 I’d seen in the flesh!

Sounds like a dull journey I know, but rather than setting cruise control at 41mph in a 50mph zone and sulking for the rest of the journey, the car’s rear design was at least interesting enough to keep me distracted.

For those who have been following reviews on its bigger brother – the i8 – you may well have had it brought to your attention that it looks like its hiding a Porsche 991 in its backside (or giving birth to one in my mind).


And it seems to be a similar case with its smaller boxy brother. Maybe not so much with its own modern day rival this time round, but more of a 90’s Coupe…Does anyone else think along the lines of a DB7?

At least the larger centre area this time prevents it from looking like it’s suffering from a DB7-prolapse, but the larger black surround also reminded me of an animated version of Batman’s mask on top.


Nevertheless, it was nice to see a green vehicle that hadn’t just focussed on its eco-credentials and had some effort spent on it looking alternative (Maybe that’s why the X4 looks so hideous as they ran out money / time / will to live…or the designers just got dumped in the corner).

If you do purchase an eco-motor, pick one with an interesting rear for those stuck behind you pleeeease!

Lets be honest, that’s all you’ve got really… Kind regards.


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