Spotted: Stratford Motoring Festival 2015

We thought there would be more to see on the Sunday rather than the Bank Holiday Monday this time round  – but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Maybe we missed them on the Monday, but there were no signs of the exotic Supercar bunch or Parade Laps this year!

Judging from Sunday alone, there appeared to be a smaller turnout this year, with more of a bias towards the Classic Cars (maybe they were just more punctual than everyone else!).

There was still plenty to see though, and having the streets of Stratford filled with the sound of V8’s throughout the day will never be a complaint!

Spotting a few familiar Defender parts on this Morgan Plus 4:


There were a handful of classic Jags including these….


An awkwardly hunched photographer is more distracting to that child than a C-Type though!


A Lagonda 2-Litre.

It appears Matt Black was sooooo 1920’s – from real leather too; not some vinyl wrap!

A Series I Land Rover:

A 1950’s Studebaker 1/2 Ton Pickup:

Spot the Budweiser can in the engine bay…

MG 6R4:

Chevy Stingray:


Boxer engine sitting low in the Toyota GT86:


Tesla Model S: – with a Golfing glove already in the cupholder?!


No ‘Insane’ mode here on this central screen unfortunately 😦 The dual engined P85D didnt make an appearance!

One day…..Maserati Gran Turismo GTS:

Will never tire that front grille; Hadn’t noticed how deep it scooped into the bumper either!

Porsche 911 (991) GT3:

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