Spotted: Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2015

It may have been established 25 years ago, but it’s taken me this long to go to Stoneleigh Kit Car Show!

Kit cars have never greatly appealed to me in all honesty; they just reminded me of DIY Westfield’s, Caterham’s, or bodged Ferrari replicas with miss-proportioned, misshaped body panels held together with glue.

I was wrong…

The cars were good enough to put me in a state of confusion all day – sparking off the initial excitement thinking that the real thing had turned up….only to realise it was probably an MR2, or MX-5 underneath seconds later!


That’s not to say these were cheap though! You could easily spend £10k+ on a decent, convincing conversion kit to look like a Ferrari or Porsche Carrera GT.

This wasn’t just a stationary show either, there were passenger rides in Westfield’s and Dakar 4×4’s on offer. The show did also spark the game of ‘what car did this part originally come from’ too (cue a lot of Land Rover Defender lights!).

Ultima GTR

One day, if I’m rich and own a field… this will tear it up!


Caterham Seven


I’m assuming this is a faux Maserati, on the basis of the lack of security around it!

A Classic Ford

Lancia StratosIMG_3725

These Land Rover Discovery Dakar 4×4 kits look half-menacing, half futuristic (from a 90’s perspective)!

I finally found a VTEC Mini!

No, not a Kit car, but a pretty stealthy Camaro!Chevy Camaro

And no, this Lotus Evora and Exige aren’t kits either!

For a full resolution print onto 6 x 4″ (£1.50) or 7 x 5″ (£2), send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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