Toyota GT86 gets classic Toyota racecar liveries | Auto Express


The Toyota GT86 has been well received as a modern-day sports car, with many of its qualities inherited from performance Toyotas of the past.

As a tribute to some of the greatest rally and race cars to come from the brand over the past 50 years, a fleet of six GT86 coupes have been dressed up with classic livery and retro detailing.

Each of the six cars are individually inspired by a particular classic Toyota race car, including:

  • Ove Andersson’s 1970’s Celica 1600GT rally car
  • The 1980’s IMSA GTU Celica
  • The 1990’s WRC Celica GT-Four
  • The Esso Ultron Tiger Supra
  • Two versions of Toyota’s original sports car: the 2000GT.

Find out the full details of each car below:

Source: Toyota GT 86 gets classic Toyota racecar liveries | Auto Express


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