FirstDrive: Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.5TDCI (MK7.5) – Driving / NVH

Looks / Practicality
Engine / Performance
Driving / NVH

Everything underneath the bodywork remains the same for this facelift. This Zetec on the standard chassis settings have previously been stated as the ‘optimum’ setting by Ford, and it’s good:

The Fiesta rides well with forgiving suspension that doesn’t thump most of the time, but after having a Zetec S, I now personally find that it rolls a bit too much. The flat seats mean you sway a bit too which does exacerbate the body roll, but that said, there’s nothing to doubt the handling though. The softer springs just means that body control just isn’t quite what I’m used to.

This applies to the steering too, which is still responsive but a bit lighter. All things considered though, it’s still a fun car to drive. The controls are still responsive; from the pedals, to the steering and the gear change.

It handles better than the Audi A1 and despite the sensation of being higher up with a touch more initial body roll, it feels lighter on its feet. More importantly, you can still adjust the car in the corners with the rear if you delve deep into the chassis. You do have to try, but it is there!

The gearlever still feels too tall though for those sat lower down,

Fiesta Zetec 1.5 Gear

and I’m still looking for a 6th gear on the motorway!

6 gear in 5th

There’s not much road noise or wind noise, and as mentioned before, the engine is quieter – but if you try and wring out the performance you will still hear the booming diesel clatter higher up.

Spec: Zetec 2013MY
Engine: 1.5 Turbo Diesel, 73bhp, 136lb ft
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 76.4mpg Achieved: 55 - 57mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 13.5 Secs, 104mph
Colour: Panther Black

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