Volkswagen e-Golf (2017) | Parkers

Traditional looks meets futuristic EV tech

How eco-friendly can a Volkswagen Golf get? With the Golf range undergoing a mild facelift in 2017, the e-Golf received an update to its hardware as well.

Power increases to 136hp and torque to 290Nm, while the 0-62mph time drops to 9.6 seconds. Range on a full battery charge climbs slightly from 118 miles to 124 miles.

It looks the same?

This may not look like the plushest Golf in the range – especially when sat beside the similarly-priced GTE – but the e-Golf certainly doesn’t drive like an entry-level model.

Acceleration is less immediate than the smaller e-Up, but there is still plenty of performance here and the e-Golf is much more refined above 50mph than its city car sibling.

Not only is the Golf fast enough in the real world, but it also handles well. Ride comfort hasn’t suffered either and is not far off the GTE; feeling slightly firmer than the regular hatch with only the occasional jolt being sent into the cabin.

There’s a little wind noise and the road noise but the Golf is still a comfortable place to spend time in, especially in the absence of an engine whirring away.

Three drive modes are available to maximise range in varying degrees, but to find out how well they work and whether the e-Golf fits into its range comfortably, head onto the link below to read the rest of the full VW Golf review at Parkers:

Source: Volkswagen Golf Hatchback | Parkers


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