Is the Jaguar XJR the perfect wedding car? | Parkers

When I was handed the privileged task of being best man for my best friend’s wedding this year, the hunt for a kick-ass wedding car to go with it began.

Should I go for something completely brash? Something loud, fast and completely impractical? Convertible? Or maybe a classic car?

At the very least, a degree of wow-factor had to be thrown in.

After much consideration, we went big and luxurious with the Jaguar XJR.

There’s supercharged pace, plenty of space and while the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the obvious choice of luxury car, there’s something a bit more rebellious with a Jag.

It certainly ticks the ‘wow-factor’ box, in association with the Bond film, Skyfall, while the Italian Racing Red finish is a refreshing change from the traditional white or a sombre black.

We did have to consider the colour of our attire though just in case of any clashes.

To find out the full details on how it stacked up on the big day, hit the link below.

Source: Is the Jaguar XJR the perfect wedding car? | Parkers