Ford Focus Zetec 1.8TDCI (MK2.5): Practicality / Spec:


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No complaints about space or visibility. The practicalities remain the same as with our previous Mk2.   The unfortunate side to this familiarity means that the seat fabrics and odd switches are still weaker points too.

The seats still aren’t the most supportive lumbar wise (despite adjustment), but they’re more comfortable than the leather items on the previous Mk2 Titanium.   For Zetec spec, you can have red items too but they looked a bit garish for my liking!

Optional red trim doesn’t quite suit the interior*

Also if you’re not a fan of the seat centre strips, hold out for a 2010MY+ model – they got rid of these! You lose the silver on the stereo too, but gain some on the door handle.

I hadn’t noticed this previously, but with the ventilation controls in particular – have you ever seen those watches where the Second hand doesn’t line up with the face markings? Yep, it’s like that – the rotary switches don’t always line up with the markings that well. They have just that bit of give in position too.

Climate control
Ventilation switches don’t feel particularly solid*

The addition of a centre trip computer screen is much appreciated (higher spec models get a taller screen displaying even more info),  but the standard fit ESP is a pain to find with the setting buried within the trip computer menu. Those used to simply pressing a button will find scrolling through the indicator stalk a bit tedious/distracting!

Half-height trip computer now standard; top spec models get full-height screen*

The speakers aren’t as punchy as those that come with the Sony Headunit, but we do have an auxiliary input now. The aux socket itself has been stupidly placed though; right where the glovebox lid shuts, next to the latch – so after you shut the glovebox against it a few times you’ll need a new cable every few months!

Ford Focus aux port MK2.5 from 2008
Auxiliary port located in glovebox was clearly a rushed afterthought…*

Outside, Ford has introduced a capless fuelling system on this Focus now;   there’s no screw cap anymore and makes fuelling up that much quicker. The system is tailored for the fuel it requires, so it prevents you from fuelling the car from the wrong pump.   It’s a pretty snug fit, but can sometimes build up pressure from within which sets the pump to click thinking the tank is full after £1’s worth!

Spec: Zetec 3dr 2008MY
Engine: 1.8 TDCI Diesel, 113bhp, 207lb ft
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Mpg - Official: 54.2mpg Achieved: 39-44mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 10.8 Secs, 118mph
Colour: Vision Blue
Running Period: Autumn 2008 – Spring 2009, 5000 Miles
Options: Sport Pack (17” 8 spoke Alloys, Privacy Glass), Rear Parking Sensors.
*Pictures captioned above - Sourced for reference only from AutoTrader*

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