Spotted: Mercedes A45 AMG

As I left work tonight, I ended up being sat behind one of these beasts waiting to exit our business park….

… an A45 AMG.

Since it was already pitch black, and with the car being grey, that thing was pretty much in stealth mode.

But the rear wing on the top (which I believe is part of the ‘Aerodynamics Pack’?) – pretty much gave it away that this wasn’t a regular A-Class, even at night!

As exciting as this rare spot was, there was one aspect that stuck out for me though:

Those rear LED lights.

In all fairness, it was the brightest thing that I could see really, but the shape of them when they’re switched on were just plain odd!


And then it hit me –

Land Rover Freelander Hippos advert
Land Rover Freelander Hippos advert

– they look like hippo ears.

Obviously, there are bigger problems with the car than just rear lights;


  • £38k for a mega hatch with 4 cylinders is the biggest one,
  • and unfortunately, the whole rear of the car in general reminds me of the layout on a Citroen C5

a45 citroen c5

But despite those though, I’m not trying to take anything away from the capabilities the A45 – if it wasn’t stationary I wouldn’t have been able to get that close to it for a start!

And before I forget, at least the A-Class doesn’t resemble one of these shameful things any more:

No matter how hard you try, even on 2 wheels.
No matter how hard you try, even on 2 wheels.

But now that I’ve associated it, I can’t unsee it! This hippo….This twin clutch, turbocharged hippo.


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