Spotted: Land Rover Discovery Sport

Ended up following one these on the way into work this morning – the new Discovery Sport!

I’d only seen a handful of marketing content for this Freelander replacement up until this point, and in all honesty I didn’t have much of a reaction to it.

I wasn’t particularly a fan of the rear of the car in some pictures; the lights looked like a freaky set of eyes, and it was too tall in relation to its width.

In the flesh though, it looks pretty well proportioned.

Disco Sport Rear 3/4

This isn’t the top of the range HSE model, hence the lack of oversized 20″s! But the rear wrap-around screen looks more flush now, and the ‘freaky eyes’ appear missing with these regular lights.

The rear windscreen wiper was a bit of surprise, sitting bottom-centre and not up top, tucked away upside down, like the Evoque – but I realised that that could just be a Ranger Rover design trait.

It was quite surprising to see it being driven at a ‘normal’ pace too so I can’t really comment on performance compared to the Evoque, but I believe the 2.2 SD4 will be carried over for now.

Rear 3qt

The name ‘Discovery Sport‘ still bugs me though; The last time they did ‘Sport’ on a Disco it spawned the Range Rover Sport – which, funnily enough the styling does echo on this, especially from the front.

I know it’s only a name, but its about as fitting as Mini Macho….or Fiat 500 Fear.

Discovery Lite? Discovery X?


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