Ford Fiesta ST-2: MPG

Current Mileage: 15000 Miles
I didn’t think you could have your cake and eat it when it came to running a small hot hatch:
428 Miles per tank?! Not quite….

The tank on a standard Fiesta is 10 gallons, so with 214 predicted miles left at half way (the shot’s skewed so it looks even less), this works out at a 428 mile range on a full tank.

For some unknown reason I’ve yet to discover, I think the ST’s tank is slightly smaller, so that figure should be even bigger but:

42.8mpg AND 197bhp/214lb ft?

Well, not quite……

As with all trip computers though, it is slightly optimistic. Doing the calculations manually via mileage/per fill up, the car usually sits, on average, at 39/40mpg combined – which is still pretty good!

Just a couple of points to bear in mind:

  •  that it took >1000 miles to settle at 39/40mpg,
  • and this particular readout was just from a 70mph stint on the M40 motorway at the weekend.

Best ever record? 43.5mpg. And that was only ever achieved due to the spacesaver being on limiting the top speed to 50mph all the way down the M6.

*?&^! that was hard work!

Spec: Fiesta ST-2
Engine: 1.6T Petrol, 197bhp, 214lb ft
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Mpg: Official: 47.9mpg Achieved: 39mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 6.9 Secs, 139mph
Colour: Molten Orange
Running Period: Summer 2013 - Autumn 2014, 17,500 Miles
Options: Cruise Control, 15" Spare Wheel, Rear Centre Head Restraint, 
Adjustable Boot Floor, Style Pack (Rado Grey Alloys, Red Brake Calipers, 
Illuminated Scuff Plates), Convenience Pack (Keyless Entry, Folding Door Mirrors 
& Puddle Lights), Auto-Lights/Wipers, Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror.

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