Skoda Kodiaq SE L 2.0-litre 180PS DSG | Parkers

Tested for – check out the full review on the Skoda Kodiaq by heading to the link below:

Source: Skoda Kodiaq review| Parkers


‘Cut-price Discovery Sport rival hampered by lethargic engine’

For those looking at a seven-seat SUV, Skoda’s first ever offering is worth a look. With a smart design and a price tag below £32,000 for the most powerful petrol model, could this be a cut-price Discovery Sport?

On the road, the Kodiaq manages to ride well even on its 19-inch wheels. The suspension is firm enough to prevent any float or pitch that the larger Superb can suffer from, but it’s also supple enough for long-distance comfort.

Refinement levels are generally pretty good bettering the SEAT Ateca with less suspension and tyre thump and with a less firm ride than the Audi Q2. This is a much more resolved car with better practicality than both.

The biggest problem with this model is the engine. If diesel is a concern and you’re considering a petrol, this is a baffling offering. Unless you drive in Sport mode and manually change gear yourself, performance is uninspiring; the gearbox is slow to kick down and exacerbates the feeling of an engine that’s unwilling to work. We managed mpg figures between the low to mid 30’s.

Skoda Kodiaq SE L rear

Read our full review on the Skoda Kodiaq over at Parkers below:

Source: Skoda Kodiaq review| Parkers


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