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Tested for – check out the full review of the Volvo S90 by heading to the link below:

Source: Volvo S90 Saloon (2016 – ) | Parkers

With sporty looks and the higher-powered diesel, this D5-engined R-Design could be the model that makes the most sense in the S90 range. The lower-powered D4 can sometimes struggle with power and better accommodates the relaxed, comfort-biased nature of the Momentum model.

Here, the punchier engine makes more sense, with plenty of torque reserves to help provide a slightly more sporting demeanour.

Does this mean sporty suspension too?

Yes, the ride is firm over large bumps and perhaps not what some would expect coming from supple Volvo’s of old. That said, the suspension deals with bumps quickly enough to avoid being annoying; there are no jolts sent into the cabin.

It’s the same principle for the seats. You don’t sink into them but they are firm enough to provide long distance comfort with plenty of support and adjustment available.

Sportiest in the class?

No, the trade in comfort might be for better body control but this still won’t trouble a BMW 5 Series. Combine this with the all-wheel drive system and this S90 feels more safe and secure rather than one that feels particularly agile.

This is entertaining enough for someone who drives at a moderate pace, although that’s not to say it won’t be any fun down a country lane.

Whether you prefer this or not, the cabin does feel more dark and sombre over certain models, due to a simpler black and silver colour scheme used on the surfaces.


If you simply want the most comfortable S90 with adequate power, the Momentum is the one to get. If not, this firmer riding R-Design, while never sporting, handles well enough down a country road at a reasonable pace.

More importantly, this R-design just about feels special enough with the usual Volvo strengths included with its supportive seats, punchy sound system, great long-distance comfort and suite of safety systems on board.

Read the full Volvo S90 review  at the link below:

Source: Volvo S90 Saloon (2016 – ) | Parkers


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