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BMW M4 Convertible Competition Package

Meet the most potent 4 Series Convertible available in its F83 iteration. Not only is this the most powerful model you can get, it also comes fitted with the additional 19hp and hardcore suspension settings of the Competition Package.

With a total output of 450hp, this drops the 0-62mph time by 0.1 seconds – equating to a time of 4.5 seconds.

The six-speed manual gearbox here might tempt those wanting to change gears themselves too. In a world of fast-shifting DCT gearboxes, the clutch pedal is quickly being substituted for paddles on the steering wheel.

Even if the six-speed manual gearbox might be tempting for some, it’s not actually the most satisfying to use; with a slightly notchy gearshift that doesn’t particularly enjoy being rushed. If you’re really that bothered about how your M4 drives – right down to how you want to change gear – you’d get the Coupe anyway.

Besides, the automatic gearbox better suits the Convertible’s laidback nature and, while this isn’t the most hardcore M4 you can buy, it’s perhaps best viewed as a 340i M Sport Plus. At a price.

The awkward positioning of the gearlever meant that some drivers would nudge the iDrive too, setting off a function when going for a lower gear.

BMW M4 manual gearbox

There is good news on the road though. For the most part, the M4 Convertible Competition Package doesn’t feel night-and-day different to the Coupe model.

It remains fast, loud, and while the compromise in driving dynamics slightly contradicts the M badging, it’s a great way to experience roof-down drama. The shouty and gravelly sound from the sports exhaust delivers plenty of crackles and pops, even if it never really starts singing.

It’s certainly better than the soft-top Mercedes-AMG C63 S; a car with a V8 that somehow sounds muted, mounted to a chassis with the flexibility of a 30cm plastic ruler. The M4 has the ability to put its power down better too, whereas in the C63 S, you have to drive cautiously to try and avoid overcoming the tyres. The M4 is better built too.

Given how the majority of buyers will opt for the DCT automatic, this may very well be the last chance to have a manual M4. However, whether this is an M car or not, the automatic gearbox seems a more harmonious fit with the relaxed ethos of the convertible.

Image 2018-03-16_21-13-06-826e

This is certainly a niche product with few direct rivals to choose from: the Mercedes-AMG C63 is a disappointment and the closest Audi can get is the softer S5 with 100hp less. This convertible might not be the best iteration of the M4, but it’s far from intolerable. It may be likeable, hard to love, but definitely a guilty pleasure.

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Source: BMW 4-Series Convertible | Parkers


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