Ford Focus Titanium 1.6TDCI Auto (Mk2): Looks

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Bit of a mixed bag in my opinion.   I can’t deny that the car looks more solid compared to the Mk1, and it certainly looks more mature; more metal, less glass – with more parallel lines in between.   It looks like they were struggling to latch on to some of the Mk1 design features at the same time though.  The front is the least successful; those headlights look small and out of place now, and with the vast slabs of metal surrounding them it gives me the impression that a separate car maker tried to incorporate them.

For this Titanium spec in 2007MY, we have body coloured strips on the top of the front foglight surrounds, and the side indicators on the wing are now on the wing mirror casings.



More of the same maturity in here: they’ve successfully tidied up the dash; possibly even a bit too much now as it exposes the lack of difference in button count between this, the Ghia and even Zetec trim below it.

Despite this, the dash-top materials are soft-touch now with more silver trim detailing and generally less swooping angles. On the whole though, if you were looking to trade the Mk1 design for ergonomics and perceived build quality, you’ll be winning.

Spec: Titanium 2007MY
Engine: 1.6 TDCI, 109bhp, 177lb ft
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic (Automated Manual)
Mpg: Official: 50mpg Achieved: 45mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 11.3 Secs, 113mph
Colour: Ocean Blue
Running Period: Autumn - Winter 2006, 9000 Miles
Options: 17” 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels, Full Leather seats, Privacy Glass, Rear Parking Sensors.
*Pictures captioned above - Sourced for reference only from AutoTrader*

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