Ford Focus Titanium 1.6TDCI Auto (Mk2): Engine / Performance

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Engine / Performance
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The 1.6 diesel sourced from Peugeot was the only diesel at the time available with an auto; it’s moderately smooth and doesn’t particularly suffer from turbo lag so it’s quite refined in that sense, but I suspect the transmission has a part to play in this.

It’s not fast by any means, however it doesn’t kick up a particular fuss and it gives you access to what’s available quite readily; it’ll be adequate enough for most daily’s!

The transmission is the main disappointment though. It’s an automated manual rather than a full auto, so it’s surprisingly more dimwitted than I was expecting.

Auto 2
Dim-witted automated manual can spoil the drive*

It can get caught out when slowing for junctions; if you lift off and then accelerate again you can find yourself in a dead-spot where the gear feels like it disengaged.

Also, if you’re used to an auto box preventing you from rolling back on inclines, this won’t do it for you – the clutch just doesn’t stay engaged.

Luckily the revs don’t constantly bounce across the rev range as much as you’d might expect, which might be a relief considering the 7 speeds. But personally I found its delivery a bit odd; the engine only seems to operate at 2 engine speeds!

  • Drive normally; and the engine spins up to ~2200rpm, where it stays like it’s on a limiter.
  • Be more aggressive; and that engine just jumps to ~3100rpm!

MPG averaged out at 46mpg with a mixture of town and weekend motorway driving.

Spec: Titanium 2007MY
Engine: 1.6 TDCI, 109bhp, 177lb ft
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic (Automated Manual)
Mpg: Official: 50mpg Achieved: 45mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 11.3 Secs, 113mph
Colour: Ocean Blue
Running Period: Autumn - Winter 2006, 9000 Miles
Options: 17” 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels, Full Leather seats, Privacy Glass, Rear Parking Sensors.
*Pictures captioned above - Sourced for reference only from AutoTrader*

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