Ford Focus Titanium 1.6TDCI Auto (Mk2): Options / Verdict

Practicality / Spec
Engine / Performance
Driving / NVH
Faults / Injuries
Options? / Verdict


The chunky 17” wheels look great; they fill the arches nicely and prevent the car from looking slab sided. They don’t affect the ride dramatically or turning circle either. Just introduce a bit more road noise!I wouldn’t bother with the leather seats; they look nicer to some and that’s about it. It’s nice that they’re heated, but they don’t provide any more lumbar support than normal.

Focus Wheel
Optional 17″ Alloys


A much more refined package than it used to be. It may have traded a bit of design and soul for maturity but that’s what matters for those wanting a bit more reliability. Its still no Golf in that respect though, but the drive is entertaining enough to stand out.

Spec wise; there isn’t really much difference between the range so whatever you can afford won’t matter, but keep an eye out for option packs.

I’d avoid this transmission however, and perhaps look toward the 2.0 litre version released later post-2007.

  • Good:

    • Drive even on standard tune
    • Sony Audio System output
    • Improved build + ergonomics
    • Body shape in profile


    • Clumsy Transmission
    • Unsupportive Seats
    • Diluted Styling throughout

    Lack of differentiation between Spec Range


Skoda Octavia – it’s a brighter place to be in here, but it doesn’t offer much more rear space despite the huge body. Also trades a lot of style for practicality. Great for Taxi’s.

Renault Megane – Quiet in petrol format, with lots of kit and funky looks especially as a 3 door. Feels brittle though, and good luck changing the headlight bulbs – you need to take off the front wheel to access through the wheelarch!

Honda Civic – Solidly built – more so than the Focus and Megane at least. By far the roomiest car I’ve been in for a long time. Free-revving 2.0-litre petrol is eager but lacks torque. The road noise is unbelievable though; it sounds tinny with lots of tyre resonance. Quite a heavy car too, and not quite so good with body control or steering.

Spec: Titanium 2007MY
Engine: 1.6 TDCI, 109bhp, 177lb ft
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic (Automated Manual)
Mpg: Official: 50mpg Achieved: 45mpg
Performance: 0-62mph: 11.3 Secs, 113mph
Colour: Ocean Blue
Running Period: Autumn - Winter 2006, 9000 Miles
Options: 17” 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels, Full Leather seats, Privacy Glass, Rear Parking Sensors.
*Pictures captioned above - Sourced for reference only from AutoTrader*

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